This course is designed for students who are already graphic designers, or people transiting into a design job, or taking on design responsibilities. It is also meant for students who have some experience with previous versions of CorelDRAW and want to use CorelDRAW  to create illustrations, logos, advertisements, or other graphic design documents.

At Course Completion
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to work with layers to organize objects, create a technical drawing using advanced tools, use advanced techniques in CorelDRAW for text manipulation, work with vector and bitmap graphics, simplify your task using VBA Macros, use advanced output options, work with photos.


Applicable Job Roles

The CorelDraw Course is suitable for anyone who requires graphic design training. It will allow website developers to create web pages, publishers to create brilliant vector graphics, and graphic designers to reach their full potential in terms of design

Course Outline

  • Working with layers
  • Creating a Technical Drawing Using Advanced Tools
  • Using Advanced Techniques for Text Manipulation
  • Working with vector and bitmap graphic
  • Simplifying Your Task Using VBA Macros
  • Using Advanced Output Options
  • Working with photos
  • Finalizing the Brochure for the Web Page


CorelDraw Basics